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SlipGrip Sun Shade Visor Shield Compatible With RAM RAM-HOL Iron Ace Pro Clip Road GlideBase B

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1- Compatibale with Road Glide, RAM Hole Pattern, Pro Mount Hole Pattern and many more.


2- No need to change the visor if & when you upgrade your phone or case.


3- Camera Hole and Access to charging port.


4- Adjustable up and down via the use of multi-level hole pattern on the back of the visor.

Feature 5

5- Better viewing - Reduced glare -Ample space for inserting your phone in and out of the holder.
The Sun Visor made for your smartphone or GPS is compatible with Road Glide Ram hole pattern, Iron Ace, Pro Mount hole pattern and many more other types of existing mounting mechanisms. (The design is made to work best with our SlipGrip RAM-HOL line of holders, our SlipGrip pro mount line of holders and our SlipGrip Ram holders. (Please note, you must already have the mechanism to attach the visor to your bike). This design allows you to use its functions without having it permanently attached to the holder itself. There is no need to remove or change the Visor when you upgrade your phone, holder or protective case. It is designed to be sandwiched between the mount and the phone holder that will give you complete access to the holder; also there is camera opening in the design and access for charging port. The Visor is adjustable up or down through the use of the multi-level hole-line-up in the back of the visor as can be seen in the photos. Being adjustable allows for best shielding and best access to your phone holder by allowing for enough space to insert the phone in and out of the holder. We sell the slandered size in this listing but we can custom make any other size by request depending on your device and the case you using on your device. The condition is New, made in the USA by SlipGrip car mounts. We custom make many different mounts and holders for your smartphone or tablet.

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